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"As it stands, motherhood is a sort of wilderness through which each woman hacks her way, part martyr, part pioneer; a turn of events from which some women derive feelings of heroism, while others experience a sense of exile from the world they knew."    -Rachel Cusk

“{Womxn} have been on the conveyor belt of education, career, love (possibly marriage) and then babies — and then they find themselves asking WTF they should do now. Some feel they have no sense of self identity and it has a huge impact on their mood. They need help to get themselves unstuck.” -Nicola Gibb


Do you struggle with mood swings around your cycles?

Do you feel like an outcast because you have opted out (or been left out) of motherhood?

Have you felt conflicted over the decision to become a parent (or parent again)?


Have you faced infertility?


Have you encountered intense emotions during pregnancy, adoption or after bringing baby home?

Is your heart heavy with sadness or fear after the loss of a pregnancy, child or family member?








Has your mental health been affected by a gynecological condition?

Are you lacking purpose, drive or direction related to your role at home or at work?

Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed as a parent, partner or caregiver?


Are you having a hard time connecting to your child?


Have you been impacted by trauma?


Do you wish you felt closer to your loved ones and enjoyed your relationships?

Are you having trouble coping with aging and your post reproductive phase?


Identify your problems so that we can find solutions

Identify what is working so that we can repeat successes

Define your goals so that you can get clear about what you want

Specify a plan of action so that you know what to do next

Work on negative beliefs and bad habits so that you can open up to a life that works

Evaluate your progress so that you can celebrate it

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age."  -Sophia Loren

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